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  • Posted On: Mar 31, 2020
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Explaining Tramadol Tablets Leading Painkiller

Tramadol is a synthetic-based opioid, which belongs to a class of medications called opiate (narcotic) analgesics. It is an oral treatment, which is available in a small hard tablet form, making it easier for patients to ingest. Tramadol works by changing the way the brain and the nervous system react to the stimulus of pain. It is usually used to treat moderate to severe levels of pain. This includes pain caused by osteoporosis, arthritis, dental issues, neuropathy and so on.

It can be used for both acute and chronic pains. Many in-depth studies has even found that Tramadol tablets can be used in the treatment of pain caused by cancer (in periods less than 3 months). The tablet can be used by adults and children (over the age of 12 years old).

What Doses Should New Tramadol Patients Start with?

This tablet does not have to be taken in a high dose in order to have effective results, as it has a complex, but powerful pharmacological profile. Experts advise patients to start with a single 25mg tablet, taken 4 times a day, which is 100mg a day. The dose however if increased should not exceed 400mg a day.

The 100mg/day is a perfect starting dose, as it enables patients to get effective pain relief but without disrupting the body’s normal processes. This also reduces the chances of negative effects and tolerance. If it is inadequate then incremental increases will help. Patients must carefully read the leaflet provided in the box of Tramadol tablets, and take it exactly as indicated in the leaflet.

Common Side Effects Associated with Tramadol

Most patients experience often experience little to no side effects when using the treatment. Experts often mention that dosage instructions and guideline adherence play an important part in preventing side effects. A UK study on Tramadol uses conducted on a total of 60 patient-reported stats on common side effects.

The study reported the following:

  • Headache -30.9%
  • Drowsiness -26%
  • Dizziness -18.5%
  • Constipation -9.5%

All the patients who experienced side effects reported a mild and manageable feeling with most subsiding and disappearing in 24 hours on their own.

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It is safe to buy Tramadol tablets online, from reputable pharmacies. This process is a fast, efficient way for patients to obtain treatment. Online platforms are fully equipped with information about medication, secure payment processes as well as reliable door to door delivery options.