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  • Posted On: Mar 14, 2020
Tramadol Dosage UK Medical Experts Explain

Tramadol tablets are usually available in two forms, immediate-release, and extended-release. These two types depend on the severity of pain patients experience. The extended-release form is prescribed to patients who need a longer duration of pain relief, whereas the immediate-release form acts quickly to relieve the patient of their pain. Tramadol is initially prescribed as a low dosage for chronic pain, usually after surgery. Basic dosage instructions should be adhered to for the best results.

For adults and adolescents aged 12 and over, the usual dose is 50mg or 100mg(1 or 2 capsules/tablets) every 4-6 hours, according to the severity of pain. The dose must not exceed 400mga day. For best results, Tramadol patients should not take a larger dose or take it for a longer period of time than required. Patients can read up on the Tramadol dosage UK and other medical experts advise, by looking at the more detailed info of the product instruction leaflet.

Who Cannot Take Tramadol tablets?

Tramadol is a well-received/tolerated treatment by almost all patients but due to certain medical conditions, some cannot take the pill. Patients who have a history of substance abuse, for example, should not take Tramadol. It is also important that Tramadol is not combined with alcohol, illegal medications or other narcotics as this can cause adverse effects. Those with kidney disease, some types of liver disease or a history of mental illnesses cannot take Tramadol.

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When patients buy medication, they are most likely to go with brand names as they think generics are substandard. This is not the case. In all senses, Tramadol generic is identical to Ultram, except cheaper. Containing the same active ingredient, both perform the same function to eliminate chronic/acute pain. Common questions like what is the tramadol dosage UK patients should follow is now addressed here. More information can be found on our FAQ tab.

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