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  • Posted On: Mar 19, 2020
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How Many Tramadol Can I Take in a 24-Hour Period?

Normal opioids occur naturally in opium, a gummy substance collected from the seed pod of the opium poppy. Opioids like morphine are derived directly from the seed pod, therefore need to be used with caution. Tramadol, on the other hand, is synthetic, and is safe - but this does not mean a large quantity can be taken or it can be taken more often than needed without side effects.

Due to the extreme discomfort and stress pain patients often ask ‘how many Tramadol can I take?’ Well, first-time patients are always advised to go with the lowest recommended dose. Patients should start with a single 50mg tablet, 4 times a day which is a dosage of 200mg per day, patients should not exceed 400mg in a 24-hour period. This is known as the perfect starting dose as it enables patients to extract the right amount of pain-relieving benefits without affecting the body’s normal processes. This also decreases the chance of negative side effects and tolerance.

Is it Possible to have a Tramadol Overdose?

As with any medication exceeding the daily recommended limit or deviating from the prescribed dose can cause a possible overdose. Tramadol is no different when this treatment is taken in any other way other than directed, or in larger doses, it can lead to an overdose. Although Tramadol is considered to be less habit-forming than other opioids, it is still important to follow usage and dosage guidelines.

An incorrect Tramadol dose or overdose can cause the following adverse effects:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Slowed heartbeat
  • Weak muscles

Experts suggest patients stick to their usual dosage and frequency to avoid any of the above adverse effects.

Can Patients Get Tramadol Online?

Yes, they can. Patients are now able to purchase Tramadol by searching for reputable pharmacies online. Users can benefit from safe and secure payment options and discreet delivery services that are fast, efficient and reliable. FAQs should address questions like how many Tramadol can I take…and more.