How many Tramadol can I take to effectively treat pain and a look at the effects

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  • Posted On: May 14, 2019
How many Tramadol can I take to effectively treat pain and a look at the effects

Chronic pain due to causes such as lower back pain has recently been identified as one of the key causes of disability throughout the world according to UK/EU and global reviews. Similarly governments have begun to pay attention to the plight of chronic pain as a major threat to the populous and hence towards public health.

Despite national reports drawing attention to the prevalence of chronic pain in the UK, there is still concern over the effective use of the medication. The question is often asked how many Tramadol can I take to address a particular issue dealing with pain.

This depends on the individuals responsiveness to the medication, sensitivity to the active ingredients, existing or prevailing health conditions, current pharmacological intake to avoid interactions as well as diet and adhering to contraindications and precautions. The latter will minimise unwanted effects and allow the medication to offer the most benefits.

what is tramadol

How many Tramadol can I take?

It is recommended that the person takes a single 50 mg tablet every 4-6 hours. It should be taken with water. If you have forgotten to take a dose you may take it as soon as possible however never double dose. You are advised not to go above 400 mg of the medication in a day and to slowly stop the medication when ending treatment.

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