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  • Posted On: Mar 25, 2020
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Is Tramadol 50mg Side Effects worse in a Generic Brand?

No, it is not. Tramadol is available in a generic form that was made identically to the Ultram brand. Being a generic treatment, it has the same effects and pain-relieving properties as the branded tablet. Generic medications are required by the FDA to be made using the same active ingredients and undergo the same processes as the branded version. Tramadol generic goes through different testing processes to ensure the same quality, strength, and potency as Ultram.

The minor difference between Tramadol generic and Ultram is the appearance and its inactive substances. Additionally, the cost of the generic is 25%-50% cheaper than the brand name. This simply means both the branded and generic forms of the medication have the same Tramadol 50mg side effects, results and so on – except for the packaging and pricing.

Mild and Tolerable Tramadol Side effects

Experts always suggest doing additional research that is linked to the information found on e-pharmacy sites and product leaflets if you are unsatisfied - as it will help the patients holistically understand the treatment benefits etc. Also, patients should take note that side effects are not necessarily felt in all patients and often occur following allergic reactions, contraindications and overdosing.

Side effects can occur when taking any medication, however, if it is taken correctly, this can become a rare event. If patients do experience side effects when taking Tramadol, they can decrease their current dose and frequency or manage the side effects individually, if they do not disappear on its own. If the side effects persist for more than 24 hours, Tramadol should be discontinued. Many reviews from a number of patients and experts show if Tramadol is used as recommended, the chance of Tramadol 50mg side effects, or for that matter with 100mg or higher doses, is highly unlikely.

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