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  • Posted On: Aug 25, 2020
What is Tramadol and How Many Tramadol Can I Take?

Tramadol was created by German pharmaceutical scientists almost 6 decades ago, who was in search of an effective pain medication that did not induce severe side effects. Medicine is an entirely synthetic opioid that contains all the necessary qualities of a natural opioid – that is to target and treat pain. The tablet has an impressive safety profile; however, patients should not take this medication ignorant of usage instructions.

How many tramadol can I take is a repeat question asked by both old and new tramadol users:

  • This medication is usually taken at the lowest effective dose of 25mg, four times a day.
  • The tramadol dosage may be increased to 50mg or 100mg, if necessary.

Note: The maximum dose of tramadol is capped at 400mg a day. The sustained-release form can only be taken once a day unless specified otherwise. Patients should follow the dosage instructions and adhere to treatment guidelines to maximize the effects of the tablet and to avoid the risk of experiencing a tramadol overdose.

What is the Tolerability Profile of an Opioid?

How many tramadol can I take is related to the tolerability of medications in general? Tolerability refers to the number of side effects a patient can tolerate, or rather how much they can withstand such effects. The likelihood of side effects tends to increase if the dose is increased beyond what is recommended. Most medication used for pain is generally well-tolerated, but naturally-derived opioids are not always well-tolerated.  These treatments are effective in managing pain, but they often cause adverse effects such as depressed breathing and digestion problems.

This is why medical professionals and patients often choose to replace opioids with tramadol in pain management treatment plans. Studies have proven that only about 10% of patients experience common tramadol 50mg side effects such as headaches or nausea. These side effects tend to disappear after the body familiarises itself with the treatment, which is typically within 48 hours.

Online Pharmacies have a 5-minute Buying Process

Patient reviews confirm that buying medication online takes approximately five minutes from login to check out. This is both convenient and efficient for patients who do not have time to visit a physical pharmacy. Online pharmacies are fully stocked with medication such as tramadol that can be ordered and paid for online. Orders are delivered to the confirmed address without delay and can be tracked.

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